New Fish - Week of June 13th - Pet Zone SD

New Fish - Week of June 13th - Pet Zone SD

Posted by Pet Zone SD on on 13th Jun 2022

Woohoo, we got in some super long awaited fish this week!

There's a handful of the rare Leucistic Silver Arowana. Great monster fish to grow out from the current juvenile size.
Also in are some larger sized Clown Loaches at around 3.5", not often seen this large. Small batch on hand.

We got in the highly coveted Elephantnose Fish too! These oddballs are super popular and are highly intelligent.

The Fahaka Puffer is also back in stock, these full freshwater cuties grow to around 16" and have massive appetites.

Also in are some vibrant Red Spotted Severums, which are one of the more peaceful community friendly cichlids.

As usual we got in our weekly shipment of beautiful Betta fish. Dumbos, Halfmoons and Deltas are in stock with a good quantity on hand.

We got lucky to get in a small batch of some younger 4-5" Silver Arowana juvis + some more Black Arowana Fry!

We've got in some show quality Flowerhorns too, ready for your tank once you have guests over for this summer!

Leucistic Silver Arowana

Elephant-Nose Fish

Clown Loach

Red Spotted Severum


Betta Fish

Silver Arowana Juveniles

Fahaka Puffer

Black Arowana Fry