Fuji Apple Discus (Fuji Red Discus)  Red Apple

Fuji Apple Discus (Fuji Red Discus) Red Apple

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??? Have you ever seen a fish so apple-iciously stunning? Say hello to our Fuji Apple Discus, nature's gift to your aquarium! This fiery redhead brings orchard charm to the undersea realm with its vibrant blend of red and orange hues. Want to create an Insta-worthy tank that's the envy of every fish fan? We got you! ? Dive into @petzonesd and let's 'discus' how to level up your aquatic game. Share if you love this unique pet as much as we do! Let's make our Fuji Apple Discus the next big wave on the net! ?? #FujiAppleDiscus #AquariumLife #PetZoneSD #GoViralWithDiscus




Fuji Apple Discus

Also commonly known as the Fuji Red Discus.

Size is about 3.5-4 inches in size. Very healthy and vibrant!  

You will fall in love with the beauty of these Discus!