Golden Dwarf Barb

Golden Dwarf Barb

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Golden Dwarf Barb (Pethia gelius)

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Size: Approximately 0.5" - 1 inch

The Golden Dwarf Barb, also known as Pethia gelius, is a vibrant freshwater fish that adds a splash of color and activity to any aquarium. Native to the clear streams and rivers of South Asia, these small barbs are known for their brilliant golden bodies and playful nature.


  • Coloration: Bright gold with black spots near the tail
  • Temperament: Peaceful, schooling fish
  • Ideal Tank Size: 20 gallons or larger

Care Level: Easy
Water Conditions:

  • Temperature: 74-79°F (23-26°C)
  • pH: 6.0-7.5
  • Hardness: 5-19 dGH

Diet: Omnivorous; requires a variety of flakes, pellets, frozen, or live food to maintain optimal health and coloration.

Golden Dwarf Barbs are peaceful and social, making them excellent companions for other non-aggressive fish. Ideal tank mates include Tetras, Danios, and other Barb species. Avoid housing with large or aggressive fish.

Behavior and Tank Tips:

  • Keep in groups of six or more for best social interaction.
  • Provide plenty of space for swimming and some dense plant areas for hiding.
  • Regular water changes are recommended to keep these active fish healthy.

Size Availability: Small (up to 1.5 inches), Juvenile

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