Aquasoil + Aquascape Goodies Restock

Aquasoil + Aquascape Goodies Restock

Posted by Pet Zone SD on on 6th Apr 2021

It's been a tough last few months with production and logistic being backed-up worldwide. The wait is over, ADA Aquasoil is finally restocked! We have a limited number of ADA Amazonia Ver. 2 & their newly released 3L bags of DOOA Jungle Soil on hand.

Also restocked is ADA layout material such as Moss Cotton, soil additives + the hot and fast seller IOTA wabi kusa cups from AquaWorx.

Here are some of our favorite items to get aquascaping with!

ADA Amazonia Ver 2 Aquasoil

DOOA Terra Base

ADA Moss Cotton

ADA NA Thermometer

DOOA Jungle Soil

ADA Power Sand Basic

IOTA Glass Planter Cup