Freshwater Snails For Aquariums

Freshwater Snails For Aquariums

Posted by Pet Zone SD on on 17th Mar 2021

Freshwater Snails For Aquariums

Not all snails are "equal"; you maybe thinking, "what, those pests that hitchhike on aquatic plants?!"

Freshwater Snails are beneficial for many aquariums.
Not only do they help clean up the tank and help remove unwanted waste such as leftover food but they dig and forage through the substrate bed and help release trapped gases, creating a well balanced tank and make a great addition to the fauna in your aquarium.

Here are some of our favorite species:

Red Racer Nerite Snail

These snails are some of the most popular Nerites in the aquarium hobbyist world, especially with planted tanks! They are less common than the others and have a striking color and patterns! They eat algae and do well in many tanks.

Golden Rabbit Snail

The Rabbit Snail is one very unique snail that isn't commonly seen in the hobby. Also known as the Sulawesi Snail, they burrow, which is beneficial for many tanks as they are able to release gases that may otherwise be trapped underneath the substrate or gravel.

Horned Nerite Snail

Also known as the Thorn Nerite Snail, this smaller Nerite species looks striking with its spikes/'thorns.' It's a phenomenal algae eater and looks great in a well planted tank!

Algae King Koopa Snail

This Nerite is called King Koopa as its shell resembles Bowser in the famous Nintendo Mario games. Similar to other Nerites, the King Koopa does amazingly at keeping a tank clean and sparkly.

Gold Inca Snail "Yellow Mystery Snail"

The Gold Inca Mystery Snail is very eyecatching and does an amazing job eating dead plant matter and algae, making them an easy invert for your aquarium maintenance crew.