Happy Earth Day 2021 From Pet Zone Tropical Fish

Happy Earth Day 2021 From Pet Zone Tropical Fish

Posted by Pet Zone SD on on 22nd Apr 2021

Happy Earth Day, everyone!

We as a society have progressed tremendously throughout the years with technological advances.  But these advances have come at a price and Earth has taken a hit with the amount of pollution and waste being dumped as our population grows.  We as a team care about Nature and keeping the Earth green and clean!  

Our team has taken up the initiative to reduce our carbon footprint by either carpooling to work and a few of us have adopted EV/Hybrid vehicles to offset the reliance on fossil fuels.  

We also encourage and applaud our visitors to utilize reusable bags, the majority of them do so and it brings a big smile to our face to see everyone taking their part to reducing waste.

Add your comment below on what changes you have adopted in making Earth greener and we will randomly select THREE WINNERS for a FREE MOSS GIVEAWAY.  US residents only.  We will announce the winners and DM you on Monday, April 26th.  

Let's celebrate #EarthDay2021 together!

- Pet Zone Tropical Fish