Marimo Moss Ball ALERT: Zebra Mussel Invasive Species Risk

Marimo Moss Ball ALERT: Zebra Mussel Invasive Species Risk

Posted by Pet Zone Tropical Fish on on 5th Mar 2021

The aquatics hobby is on high alert with the risk of many Marimo Moss Balls harboring the highly invase Zebra Mussels. These mussels have wreaked havoc on many waterways around the world, including here in the US. The damage it caused just in the Great Lakes alone are in excess of $100 million.

Not only does it cause financial damages but it can destroy local ecosystems and out-compete local fauna for food sources.

We have placed our current stock of Marimo Moss Balls under quarantine until further notice.

If you notice any unusual pests coming out of your Marimo Balls, please take them out and do one of two things prior to disposal:
1. Boil and dispose of the Moss Ball.
2. Bleach prior to disposal.
3. Freeze prior to disposal.

The Zebra Mussel is a highly adaptive crustacean and doesn't get affected much when it comes to chemical treatments. As responsible aquarists, we ask that you do your part in protecting out local waterway ecosystems.

Happy Fish Keeping & Aquascaping,

- Pet Zone Tropical Fish Team