Predatory Monster Fish Back In Stock!

Predatory Monster Fish Back In Stock!

Posted by Pet Zone SD on on 2nd May 2021

Monster Fish Often Get A Bad Rap!

When it comes to predatory fish, a lot of hobbyists often have this stigma that they aren't good fish to own in private fish tanks. But in reality, when predatory fish are kept in the right setting and the proper tank-mates are selected, not only do they exhibit high intelligence but they often form a strong bond with their owner like any other household pet.

Aggression from predatory fish is a given but that shouldn't sway you from owning these often frowned upon species as they aggression can be managed when you've got the right knowledge and are able to commit to their needs. Not only will it be fulfilling but you'll experience an array of behavior often correlated with other household pets such as a dog.

Here are some of our top pics for predatory fish:


Don't let their little size fool you when they're juveniles. They can often swallow fish their own size!

Leucistic Silver Arowana

The Leucistic Silver Arowana is rarely seen in the fish trade industry and this is your chance to own this gorgeous fish!

They look just like the Albino Silver Arowana, just without the red eyes and are therefore Leucistic and have the same gorgeous body coloration!

Kelberi Peacock Bass

Temensis Peacock Bass

The Temesis is the largest out of the peacock bass genus. They come from waterways that get constant flow of water from the mountains to the ocean, thus requires a much better filtration system in aquaria.

Tiger Shovel Nose Catfish

The Tiger Shovelnose Cat is one of the most unique looking catfish in the hobby, with its front stout area resembling a shovel, hence their name.

Mono Peacock Bass

The Mono Peacock Bass one of the most most vivid and colorful species in the Cichla family!