Uncommon Nano Fish Restocked!

Uncommon Nano Fish Restocked!

Posted by Pet Zone SD on on 16th Apr 2021

Nano fish are our top picks when it comes to livestock selection for an aquascape. Not only do many of these fish swim in a coordinated direction but this adds an additional element to the planted tank, resembling the open nature with flocks of birds flying.

Some of these nano fish are seasonal and only come in a handful of times a year (sometimes just once a year). When you see their beauty and their swimming behavior, you will understand why these fish are so highly coveted.

1. Asian Stone Cat

The Asian Stone Cat is the perfect fish for nano tanks as small as 3 gallons.

These miniature catfish are super friendly and are community friendly fish that can even be kept with smaller shrimp such as Neocardina or Caridina.

Also known as the Hara jerdoni or dwarf moth catfish.

2. Green Kubotai Rasbora - (Microdevario kubotai / Microrasbora kubotai)

This is the perfect fish for your planted tanks. The average full adult size is typically around 3/4 of an inch or so.

They love slow moving water and a tank that is heavily planted. Great for nano tanks 5g and above.

3. Chili Rasbora - Boraras brigittae

This is the perfect fish for your nano tanks. They do not grow bigger than 0.80 inches or so.

They love slow moving water and a tank that is heavily planted. Males will become more vividly colored, especially when competing for females.

4. Scarlet Badis - Dario Dario

This fish is one of the most underrated fish in the hobby but are getting very popular among smaller planted tank enthusiasts and are fit for nano tanks between 5-10 gallons.

They can be shy but do come out after getting used to their surroundings.

Max size is just an inch.

5. Pygmy Cory Cat - Pygmaeus Corydoras

The Pygmy Cory Catfish is by far one of the smallest catfish in the fish keeping hobby.

Size is around half an inch. They are mostly bottom dwellers though they'll swim all around the tank when comfortable.

Maximum size is around 1.2" so they do great in smaller sized community fish with peaceful tankmates.

6. Bumble Bee Goby

The Bumblebee Goby is a gorgeous and peaceful fish that doesn't get too big.

Though they are peaceful, they do tend to defend their territory and because of this, a lot of hiding places and plants and/or rocks would be preferable.

Size is about half an inch to one inch.