New Fish - Week of August 1st - Pet Zone SD

New Fish - Week of August 1st - Pet Zone SD

Posted by Pet Zone SD on on 1st Aug 2022

Wowzers, it's already August! Summer is already over? Well, we still have another couple months are heat here in SoCal!

Let's start August off on the right track with some cool livestock!

Check out the cool fish we have below.

Wild-Type Male Plakat Betta

Amazon "Friendly" Pufferfish

Jumbo Cardinal Tetra

Thai Silk Flowerhorn Fry

Rio-Negro "Candy Stripe" Pleco

Tangerine Lobster

Male Koi Plakat Betta

Red Tuxedo Male Guppy

Fish still available from the other week's deliveries:

Black Ranchu

Tiger Shovelnose Cat

Black Samurai Betta

Black Oranda

Rabbit Snail

Red "Blood" Parrot Hybrid Cichlid

Bumble Bee Goby

Lyretail Molly

UFO Loach

Our restock from the previous week of July 17th:

Prambanan Snail

Armored Stickleback Pipefish

African Odoe Pike

Payara Vampire Tetra

Bumble Bee Cat

Ghost Glass Cat

African Dwarf Frog

Mono Peacock Bass

Panther Crab

Cool Fish we got in last couple weeks that are still available:

Red Devil Crab

Chalceus 'Tucan Fish' Tetra

Koi Fish

Blind Cave Tetra

Marble Goby

Baby Bristle-Nose Plecos (Regular 'Chocolate' & Albino variations):

Chocolate Bristlenose Pleco

Albino Bristlenose Pleco

Dwarf Spotted Rasbora

Tiger Guppy

SRD Flowerhorn Fry

Flowerhorns (ZZ, SRD, Kamfa/KML)

Freshwater Shrimp (Neocardinas + Cardinas)

Small Discus - Assorted

Uncommon Plecos

Arowana 'Dragon Fish' (Jardini + Leucistic + Black + Silver)