Archerfish - Straight Shooter

Archerfish - Straight Shooter

Posted by Max Gandara on on 22nd Sep 2022


At PetZone we supply a variety or rare and unique fish that are often not available in local fish stores. As enthusiasts ourselves we understand the need to find special species to provide a fulfilling aquarium experience. The Archerfish is a fantastic fish with interesting behavior. Found in a wide range of ecosystems from India to Southeast Asia and Northern Australia the Archerfish inhabit fresh and brackish waters. A monotypic fish that has one order without subspecies.

The most notable aspect of the Archerfish is their ability to shoot a jet stream from the surface of the water to knock down prey from the hanging branches above. Known to be very accurate with their shooting adults hit their target on the very first shot almost every time. With fantastic eyesight and extremely accurate shots Archerfish can shoot down prey above the water up to 10 feet! Due to their unique shape and protruding lower jaw the they are able to take shots from many angles allowing them to adapt to different water situations. The fish contracts their gills and sticks their lips at the surface of the water. They then create a channel between their tongue and the roof of their mouths to shoot the stream.

Archerfish are social learners as young fish and obtain better accuracy by observing fellow Archerfish. Able to shoot as small as 1” young fish tend to work together in schools until they grow to a bigger size with better accuracy. These fish are also able to use their jet stream to shoot prey out of substrate and vegetation in the water. Archerfish are an excellent choice for brackish aquariums.