Indian Mud Eel

Indian Mud Eel

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Dive into the fascinating world of unique aquatic pets with our Indian Mud Eel. This eel hails from the marshy landscapes of India, Bangladesh, and Myanmar.

Our Indian Mud Eel, a species that was once rarely found in pet trade, will undoubtedly intrigue aquatic enthusiasts with its unique appearance and behavioral traits. It showcases a slippery, elongated body, ranging in color from pale yellow to brown, and can grow up to 12 inches in length. It's devoid of scales and pectoral fins, adding to its strikingly unconventional charm.

The Indian Mud Eel is a hardy creature, adaptable to varying water conditions. It appreciates environments with ample hiding spots and prefers a diet rich in protein, such as worms, crustaceans, and small fishes. This species is nocturnal and tends to be more active during the night. As a burrower, it also requires a soft substrate in its habitat to mimic its natural living conditions.

While being a wonderful addition to your aquatic collection, the Indian Mud Eel demands respectful handling due to its potential to bite when threatened. It's best suited for experienced aquarists who understand the specific needs of this distinctive species.

Note: We at PetZone San Diego prioritize the health and safety of all our aquatic pets. Before shipping, each Indian Mud Eel is carefully examined to ensure it is in optimal health. You can be confident that you're receiving a high-quality, healthy pet for your aquatic ecosystem.

Enjoy the thrill of owning this rare species, the Indian Mud Eel, and witness its captivating behavior and lifestyle up-close in your home aquarium.


1 x Indian Mud Eel (Approximately 8-10 inches)

Care Level: Advanced

Diet: Carnivorous

Size: Up to 12 inches

Tank Set-Up: Brackish: Plenty of hiding spaces, soft substrate

Tank Conditions: 68-82°F

Embrace the chance to add this exotic, enchanting creature to your aquatic collection. Order your Indian Mud Eel today!

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