Pygmy Rasbora - Boraras maculatus

Pygmy Rasbora - Boraras maculatus

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Boraras Maculatus (Dwarf Spotted Rasbora) - Vibrant and Peaceful Nano Fish


Dive into the fascinating world of nano aquariums with the stunning Boraras maculatus, commonly known as the Dwarf Spotted Rasbora. This diminutive and vibrantly colored freshwater fish is a perfect addition to any peaceful community tank, especially those tailored for shrimp or other small species. Ideal for beginners and seasoned aquarists alike, Boraras maculatus brings a lively yet serene presence to your underwater habitat.

Key Features

  • Species: Boraras maculatus (Dwarf Spotted Rasbora)
  • Size: Up to 1 inch (2.5 cm) in length
  • Habitat: Freshwater, originating from the peat swamp forests of Southeast Asia
  • Temperament: Peaceful and schooling fish, thrives in groups
  • Tank Conditions: 72-79°F (22-26°C), pH 4.0-7.0, soft to slightly hard water
  • Diet: Omnivore; requires a variety of foods including micro pellets, daphnia, and brine shrimp
  • Lifespan: 4-5 years with proper care

Why Choose Boraras Maculatus for Your Aquarium?

  • Vibrant Colors and Patterns: Their striking red color with dark spots makes them a visually appealing addition to any aquarium.
  • Ideal for Nano Tanks: Their small size and peaceful nature make them perfect for nano tanks and community aquariums.
  • Easy to Care For: With no special care requirements, they are suitable for both novice and experienced fish keepers.
  • Social and Active: Enjoy the delightful view as they gracefully swim in schools, adding dynamism and charm to your aquatic setup.

Care Instructions

To ensure your Boraras maculatus thrive, maintain a well-planted aquarium with plenty of hiding spots and a gentle current. Regular water changes and a balanced diet will keep these tiny beauties healthy and vibrant. For best results, keep them in schools of at least 6 to 10 individuals to witness their natural schooling behavior and enhance their confidence.

Purchase Now and Transform Your Aquarium

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  • Can Boraras maculatus live with shrimp? Yes, they are shrimp-friendly and make excellent tank mates for most dwarf shrimp species.

  • How many Boraras maculatus should I keep together? For the best social environment, we recommend a group of at least 6 to 10.

  • Do they require a heater? Depending on your home's ambient temperature, a heater may be necessary to maintain their ideal water conditions.


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