UNS Controsand 3L - Mojave

UNS Controsand 3L - Mojave

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Ultum Nature Systems Controsand is a line of decorative sand substrates designed for use in planted aquariums and aquascaping. All varieties of Controsand are inert and designed for cosmetic usage. As such, the sand will not alter water parameters and has no buffering effect on pH levels or water hardness. Controsand also does not slow-release ammonia over time.

Mojave Controsand is a fine natural sand that contains a mixture of warm, reddish-brown granules. This sand's rich hue is a great choice when recreating desert-style aquascapes. Warmer-toned sand also works well as an accent against a darker base substrate. It also compliments vibrantly colored aquatic plants and livestock.

Whether you're setting up your first aquascape, or you've been in the hobby for years, Controsand is easy to use. Just rinse the substrate gently to remove finer grains, then spread it evenly in your aquarium for a naturally earthy tone.